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Miss Ellen's Gallery in the inn's Dining Room


          Explore Wyoming through the eyes of award-winning Wyoming artists. We showcase photographers Lee Bailey, Scott Copeland,        Ken Kidder, Juan Laden, and Sara Wiles; leather crafter Scott Goetz; watercolorist Laurie Sain; aspen woodworkers Sandy and Doug Lowinske; plank banjo maker  Miss "V" the Gypsy Cowbelle, and the inn's own tatter, Barbara, offers greeting cards and bookmarks.

          Local authors whose books we offer include: Marjane Ambler, Susan Layman and Jon Lane (their South Pass City is a spring 2012 Arcadia book), John Mionczynski's The Pack Goat  got some great  notoriety in the New York Times, Geoffrey O'Gara, Betty (Carpenter) Pfaff, Sara Wiles, and Wyoming's 2011-2013 Poet Laureate Patricia Frolander. The Wyoming State Historical Society's 2013 Publications Awards committee gave an honorable mention to Susan and Jon's South Pass City. Sara's Arapaho Journeys and Pat's Married Into It  won 2012 High Plains Book Awards.

          1,000 Places to See in the USA and Canada Before You Die, Patricia Schultz's New York Times' best seller, highlights our inn.  Barbara's historic mystery Blood Atonement is available, and her next novel, Clear and Convincing Evidence, will be out on Februrary 22.

          We offer musical CDs produced by Lee Bailey and Miss "V".

          The gallery surrounds historic artifacts: Miss Ellen's 11-foot-long plank dining table, an 1870s Army wood stove from Camp Stambaugh, and photographs of the inn's past.

          Local legend Gladys "Bobbi" Jenks's great nephew donated eleven of Bobbi's paintings to the Atlantic City Historical Society. Those and Rich Boulette's personal collection of Bobbi's barn wood art are on loan to the gallery. Bobbi used artist's putty and local materials to create images of the region's historic gold mines and mills.


2006-2014 Miner's Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast




Dining room, gallery

Miss Ellen's table

Miss Ellen's Gallery

Dining Room, open & airy