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Gus, the marmot, 2010

Miner's Delight Inn B&B House Rules




          May - September:  two-night minimum except we take one-night

          reservations for monthly Second Saturday Scotch tasting attendees.


          We accommodate two adult guests per room or cabin.

          We don't accommodate pets on the premises.

          Smoke outdoors, if you must smoke, and take your butts with you.

          Don't bring your liquor into our saloon.

          Don't light candles or open-flame devices in our rooms or cabins.

          Don't mess with the moose; he's bigger'n you and cantankerous, too.







Bad attitude! Rain-soaked, ears back: this guy charged Bob in May 2009

From the kitchen window, May 2010

He's back, May 2011





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One of five golden mantled ground squirrel babies, 2008

Two cottontail babies graze near Cabin 4, 2009

First batch, 2010

Oregon Buttes